SMH is a progressive company, always keen at doing everything possible to ensure that our excellent reputation continues to grow within Ghana and beyond. At SMH, we want your purchase experience to be as easy, straightforward, and stress-free as possible. We therefore give you quality homes at affordable prices and always available at any time to assist you in any way we can.

We are well funded. Unlike other developers we do not rely on sale to finance the building project. Therefore clients are assured of timely completion and quality finishing to our buildings. We have unbeatable prices.

We offer prices that are unbeatable by the competition and flexibility in payment as well. And we achieve this affordable prices because we control the entire process in building our homes. Therefore we are able to build quality homes affordably.

You will probably not have a more flexible payment plan in the market than what SMH offers We offer standard payment plans but can be flexible to create a bespoke plan for you.

We offer self-finance purchase through upright payment for completed homes or payment in instalment.

We offer mortgage purchases as well in conjunction with reputable financial institutions. Talk to us for a list of firms that we partner with for mortgage facilities.

Yes you can. Please complete our Reservation Form. For a fully refundable fee of $2,000, you can ensure that you are allocated a Square Mile Home in future developments.

Just state your preferred locations and apartment size and you will be given the first opportunity to acquire a home in our future development before they are released to the general public. Your $2,000 is part of your final payment, therefore it is treated as a down payment towards your purchase.

Your $2,000 is part of your final payment, therefore it is treated as a down payment towards your purchase.

We undertake thorough due diligence before acquiring land for development. All land documents are available for those who have paid the Reservation Fee and their lawyers to review. Our Contract of Sale fully indemnifies purchasers against any defective title.